HyTrust Buys HighCloud Security

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HyTrust recently announced the acquisition of cloud encryption and key management software provider HighCloud Security.

The combined offering from HyTrust and HighCloud aims to address three key security concerns regarding cloud environments: the broad level of access available to privileged users with malicious intent, breaches caused not by criminal intent but through human error, and challenges in maintaining the security and privacy of the data itself.

"HyTrust represents the control point for cloud management, providing automated policy-based security for private cloud environments that can enable both trusted hybrid clouds and 'cloaked' public clouds," HyTrust president and founder Eric Chiu said in a statement. "HighCloud encryption, meanwhile, can be deployed in private, hybrid and public clouds, ensuring data security and privacy as organizations migrate between these environments."

"The service also enables a unique level of 'walk-way' freedom by making it possible to securely change cloud providers or decommission from the cloud without having to worry about data being left behind," Chiu added. "This also makes it easier for corporations to achieve compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and PCI."

In a blog post explaining the acquisition, Chiu added, "While the technologies can already be used together, the HighCloud solution will be integrated into HyTrust to more tightly bind administrative controls with data security in cloud environments, making encryption and key management invisible to the end user."

"With HighCloud, HyTrust adds strong, cloud-optimized data security to its portfolio -- a critical requirement for data protection and compliance," Enterprise Strategy Group senior analyst Wayne Pauley said in a statement. "And customers gain improved security for data at rest -- enabling the same level of visibility in the new virtual datacenter as its physical counterparts."