HSB Intros CyberOne Cyber Risk Insurance for Small Businesses

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The Hartford Stream Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company (HSB) recently announced HSB CyberOne, a new cyber risk insurance offering for small businesses.

HSB CyberOne provides coverage with limits up to $100,000 to help small businesses recover from damage to a system caused by a cyber attack. It also provides defense and liability coverage for some types of lawsuits alleging third party damage resulting from a small business' failure to adequately secure its own computer system.

"Cyber attacks are a serious problem for small businesses, which often have limited security and technical resources," HSB president and CEO Greg Barats said in a statement. "We developed HSB CyberOne as a simple way for a business to help protect its computer systems. It's a logical extension of Hartford Steam Boiler's series of products for smaller businesses that cover identity theft, data breach and data risks from equipment breakdowns."

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