HP Says Hackers Can't Make Printers Catch Fire

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Following a recent claim by researchers that a vulnerability in HP LaserJet printers could allow an attacker to cause the devices to catch fire, HP has released an official statement saying that's not the case.

"'Speculation regarding potential for devices to catch fire due to a firmware change is false. No customer has reported unauthorized access,' HP confirmed," writes TG Daily's Trent Nouveau. "'[Our] LaserJet printers have a hardware element called a 'thermal breaker' that is designed to prevent the fuser from overheating or causing a fire. It cannot be overcome by a firmware change or this proposed vulnerability.'"

"Although HP did acknowledge the existence of a potential security vulnerability identified by Stolfo, the company emphasized that certain printers could only be compromised if placed on the Internet without a firewall," Nouveau writes.

Go to "HP strikes back against printer hack claims" to read the details.

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