Hope Community Resources Acknowledges Data Breach

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The Alaska Dispatch reports that Hope Community Resources inadvertently exposed 3,700 disabled patients' protected health information (PHI) earlier this week (h/t HealthITSecurity.com).

The data, which included patients' names, birthdates, next of kin and contact information, was mistakenly added as an attachment to an survey solicitation sent by e-mail on August 19, 2013. Many of the disabled patients whose data was exposed are minors.

Ironically, the survey asked recipients about their experience with Hope Community Resources' handling of sensitive healthcare-related and personal information.

The mother of one patient whose data was exposed told the Dispatch, "I am concerned how the release of information might affect him. He is trying to get a job, and I worry that if his name is shown on a list of disabled people, it could prevent him from being hired."