Georgia Sheriff's Office Admits Data Breach


The Columbus Ledger Enquirer reports that Cpl. Keith Hamilton of the Muscogee County Sheriff's Office has been reprimanded for sending an e-mail throughout the department containing 15 to 20 female employees' personal information (h/t

The e-mail, which was intended to warn female deputies about a potential defect in Point Blank body armor, contained the deputies' names, the serial numbers of their body armor, and their physical characteristics including height, weight, chest and bra cup size.

Instead of sending the e-mail only to those affected, Cpl. Hamilton sent the unredacted information throughout the department.

"Corporal Hamilton understands that his failure to redact this informatoin from the file prior to sending it was a mistake that caused several employees undue embarrassment. ... I am confident that he understands the importance of keeping potentially sensitive information as private as possible and that similar oversight of this nature will not occur in the future," Commander Dane Collins stated in the written reprimand.