Former EMC Employee Charged with Embezzlement

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According to the Middlesex County District Attorney's Office, a former employee of EMC has been charged with spending $220,000 of the company's money on plastic surgery, hotels, meals and entertainment.

"Madeline Vinton, 35, of Webster, Massachusetts, had been an admin assistant at EMC from April 2006 to February 2012, the firm told police," writes The Register's Chris Mellor. "According to the DA, EMC investigators alleged they had detected unusual patterns in her travel and other expenses. They called in the cops and together with the local DA's office, they investigated further before charging her with five counts of larceny."

"According to the District Attorney's office, Vinton is alleged to have illegally used an EMC-issued credit card to charge over $155,000 in personal expenses, with the money being spent on limousine rides, Amazon.com purchases, hotels, meals, rental cars and tickets to Boston Celtics games. Another $500 was charged to that card on plastic surgery, the D.A. alleged," writes CRN's Joseph F. Kovar. "Vinton also allegedly made 'fraudulent purchases' on her boss's company credit card and requested payments of over $48,000 on overtime the D.A. said she never worked."

"Middlesex Superior Court Clerk Magistrate Michael Sullivan ordered her held on $7,500 cash bail with the condition that she surrender her passport, remain in the state and have no contact with her former employer, EMC, or its employees," The Worcester Telegram & Gazette reports.

Vinton pleaded not guilty earlier this week. Her next court date is currently scheduled for August 29.