Fidelis Anticipates Increase in Advanced Persistent Threats

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According to Peter George, president and CEO of network security company Fidelis, advanced persistent threats (APTs) sponsored by nation states will grow in both volume and sophistication.

"The Fidelis chief noted that APTs are often embedded deep inside content," Infosecurity reports. "So tools to discover and stop these threats need to provide content-level visibility. He estimated that 90 percent of the companies being attacked by APTs do not have this content-level visibility."

"The Fidelis chief concluded: 'I often speak to security analysts and business leaders, and I explain to them that security companies who deal with these types of advanced persistent threats (APTs) are becoming the defense contractors of the future,'" the article states.

Go to "APTs expected to grow in volume and sophistication, warns Fidelis chief" to read the details.

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