Fewer Universities Were Hacked in 2011

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According to Application Security, Inc.'s Team Shatter, there was a dramatic decrease last year both in the number of institutions of higher education that reported breaches, and in the total number of reported records affected.

"The unwanted distinction of suffering the largest reported data breach in 2011 by a U.S.-based institution of higher learning came from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), which reported a breach of 176,567 records on November 11, 2011," Help Net Security reports.

"'While it is encouraging to see the both number of reported higher education breaches and records breached significantly down from 2011, security and operations personnel should not relax their data security efforts,' said Alex Rothacker, Director of Security Research, AppSecInc’s TeamSHATTER," the article states.

Go to "Higher education breaches significantly down" to read the details.

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