Fake YouTube Support E-mails Link to Pharma Sites

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Webroot researchers are warning of a new YouTube-themed spam campaign, which attempts to trick victims into clicking on links that lead them to a Web site selling counterfeit drugs. The spammers then earn money through an affiliate network.

"The emails claim someone from YouTube Support has sent the user a personal message, yet once the user clicks on a link in the email, they are redirected to a dubious looking drug website, Canadian Family Pharmacy," writes Threatpost's Christopher Brook.

"Fortunately, during the time of testing the responsiveness of the site, it was desperately trying to remain online, which prevented the socially engineered users from initiating a transaction through it," writes Webroot's Dancho Danchev. "However, this is sadly an isolated incident. According to recently published research, hundreds of thousands of US-based users click on links found in these types of fraudulent emails, and actually add counterfeit drugs to their shopping carts."

The solution to this type of threat, Danchev suggests, is simple: be careful what you click on, and never enter your credit card information into a Web site you access from a link in a spam e-mail.