F5 Networks Defends Applications with New Herculon Appliances

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F5 Networks this week debuted new security solutions aimed at helping enterprises ward off attacks against applications that are crucial to their business operations. Among them is the new Herculon line of security products.

Two appliances make up the Herculon line, the SSL Orchestrator and DDoS Hybrid Defender. The Herculon SLL Orchestrator provides SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security) encryption services, along with context-aware dynamic service chaining and integrations with leading threat management and network security solutions, all in a single appliance.

Herculon DDoS Hybrid Defender, as its name implies, helps organizations defend against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks that flood web applications and sites with junk traffic, knocking them offline. Its behavioral analytics engine offers sub-second detection and mitigation of multi-vector and volumetric DDoS attacks. Cloud-based DDoS scrubbing capabilities ensure that legitimate traffic gets through.

"Between the explosion of encrypted traffic and the proliferation of apps, companies face a decrease in visibility, context and control, and an increase in surface area for cybercriminals to mount attacks," Mike Convertino, chief information security officer of F5 Networks told eSecurity Planet. "Our new Herculon SSL Orchestrator and DDoS Hybrid Defender are standalone products designed for security professionals. "

Herculon appliances were also designed to help those security professionals mount a strong defense with relative ease. "Both the software and performance-tuned hardware versions have been purpose built from the ground up and feature a simplified user experience with deployment and management that give security teams the visibility and control they need to protect their applications and data," added Convertino.

Also unveiled this week is the new F5 Silverline WAF Express Service, which streamlines the process of provisioning web application firewall (WAF) services in their environments.

"The idea is to enable anyone – expert or not – to quickly initiate and provision the services of a WAF without requiring training or in-depth security knowledge," explained Lori MacVittie, principal technical evangelist at F5 Networks, in a blog post. "We can do that because it's a service (in the cloud) and we employ the expertise of the skilled security professionals in our Security Operations Center (SOC) to create and maintain policies that can be applied to any web application no matter where it's deployed."

F5 Networks has also added Security Incident Response Team services to its professional services and support slate. Internally, the company has also gathered a group of security experts to analyze of the security threat landscape. Dubbed F5 Labs, the team will provide guidance on emerging threats and help inform the company's product development efforts.