Demonoid Hit by Cyber Attack

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Torrent site Demonoid was recently taken down by a DDoS attack.

"Demonoid has been inaccessible to its millions of users for more than a day and is expected to remain offline for quite some time," TorrentFreak reports. "The tech admin of the troubled BitTorrent tracker told TorrentFreak that the issues at hand are not easy to fix, and suggests that aside from the DDoS there might have been an attack from another angle. Demonoid is one of the biggest torrent sites around, and has been for more than half a decade."

"It started as a DDoS but then it caused a series of problems," the site's admin told TorrentFreak. "These problems need to be fixed before the site can go back up, and it's a complicated fix this time."

"Demonoid’s server is only handled by one person right now so it’s not going to be up anytime soon," writes Ubergizmo's George Wong.

"It's currently unclear whether or not the attack against Demonoid was anti-piracy related," writes ZDNet's Emil Protalinski. "Either way, Demonoid's users have to find an alternative for their downloading needs while they wait for its return."