DDoS Prevention Solutions Market to Reach $870 Million by 2017


Research firm IDC recently released a study entitled Worldwide DDoS Prevention Products and Services 2013-2017 Forecast, which notes that DoS and DDoS attacks are making a resurgence, and predicts that the worldwide market for DDoS prevention solutions, including products and services, will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 18.2 percent from 2012 to 2017 and will reach $870 million (h/t SC Magazine).

Christian A. Christiansen, vice president of security products and services at IDC, noted that 2012 saw a sharp increase in the frequency, bandwidth volume, and applications orientation of such attacks. "As these attacks surged in prevalence and sophistication, organizations were often caught unaware," Christiansen said in a statement. "Embedded capabilities were quickly overwhelmed and outages were readily apparent on the Web. This is driving the need for proactive solutions to protect customers' infrastructure from current and future attacks."

The research firm anticipates that volumetric attacks, which leverage botnets to target a business with a flood of traffic, will remain the most common type of DDoS attack over the next four years -- though hybrid attacks that include application and layer and encrypted traffic will also become increasingly common.

"With the number of high-profile attacks steadily increasing, the market for DDoS prevention solutions will surge," John Grady, research manager for IDC's Security Products program, said in a statement. "A defense-in-depth posture with a combination of on-premise equipment and cloud-based mitigation provides the best protection against advanced application and SSL-based attacks as well as large-scale volumetric attacks."