Cyber Security Market to Exceed $61 Billion in 2012

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According to a new report from Visiongain, the global cyber security market will reach $61.1 billion this year.

"Visiongain said it expects an increase in public-private partnerships across a number of cybersecurity sectors, while technological developments are also projected to evolve to reflect the changing dynamics of cyber threats and the increased demands placed on applications and devices by end users," Infosecurity reports.

"National cybersecurity markets for the US and major European countries will remain central to the cybersecurity market over the forecast period to 2022," the article states. "Similar growth in Asian markets, such as China and India, is forecast to be significant, while in the longer term, Middle Eastern spending on cybersecurity is expected to increase sharply, as cybersecurity is demanded worldwide."

Go to "Global cybersecurity market to reach $61 billion this year" to read the details.

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