Computershare Acknowledges Massive Security Breach


Investor services firm Computershare is suing a former employee who it says stole thousands of pages of company data, including shareholder names, account numbers and financial holdings.

"The company warned that the data, which was illegally copied from the former employee's company laptop to a USB drive, which was subsequently lost, could put the 'privacy and financial record of millions of shareholders' at risk," writes Threatpost's Paul Roberts.

"The sensitive data included documents detailing Computershare's business and operational processes for the company's U.S. business lines, descriptions of internal risk management efforts and controls, audit findings and resolutions, as well as e-mail messages including attachments with personal information on an unknown number of Computershare customers," Roberts writes.

Go to "Financial Records of Millions At Risk After Computershare Insider Copies Data to USB... Then Loses The USB" to read the details.

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