Cisco Intros Virtual Firewall Appliance

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Cisco this week introduced the Cisco ASA 1000V Cloud Firewall.

"Deployed as a virtual machine on a server, the appliance would extend security protection to the edge of virtual environments, Cisco said," writes eWeek's Fahmida Y. Rashid. "Intended for multi-tenant cloud environments, Cisco said organizations would be able to apply consistent policies across physical and virtual environments."

"ASA 1000V provides firewall capabilities, comprehensive real-time threat defense, always-on remote access and comprehensive network security, Cisco said," Rashid writes. "Administrators can manage the virtual machines using Cisco Virtual Network Management Center (VNMC), which works both for the Virtual Security Gateway as well as ASA 1000V."

Go to "Cisco Unveils Virtual Firewall Appliance to Protect Multi-Tenant Cloud" to read the details.

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