Champlain College Acknowledges Security Breach


Vermont's Champlain College recently began notifying 14,127 students that a storage device containing their names, Social Security numbers and other data was left in a campus computer lab by mistake (h/t

While there's no evidence that the information stored on the device was misused, the college has hired independent forensics experts and privacy and data security legal counsel to investigate and respond to the incident.

"Our goal is to be forthcoming with the truth and to arm members of our community with resources to prevent potential identity theft," Vice President David J. Provost said in a statement. "We are working to make sure this type of incident doesn't happen again and live up to the expectations parents and students have of us to keep their information safe. We are committed to getting this right."

The data on the storage device included the Social Security numbers of 14,217 students who had applied for admission. Most of the students had applied for undergraduate admission for fall 2013, though some graduate and continuing professional studies students may also be affected.

All students and parents potentially impacted are being offered one year of free identity monitoring services from First Watch Technologies. Students with questions are advised to call (877) 643-2062.