Bank Drops Out of Target Data Breach Lawsuit


Trustmark National Bank recently filed a Notice of Dismissal Without Prejudice of its claims against Target and Trustwave regarding a massive breach of credit card data from Target in 2013 (h/t Computerworld).

Last week, Trustmark National Bank and Green Bank filed a class action lawsuit claiming that "Because of ... vulnerabilities in Target's security systems -- either security systems -- either undetected or ignored by Trustwave -- hackers were able to take 40 million Payment Card records, encrypted PINs, and 70 million records containing Target customer information over the course of two weeks."

The lawsuit, however, may have incorrectly identified Trustwave as having provided security services to the retailer.

In a letter posted on Trustwave's Web site on March 29, 2014, company chairman, CEO and president Robert J. McCullen wrote, "Contrary to the misstated allegations in the plaintiffs' complaints, Target did not outsource its data security or IT obligations to Trustwave. Trustwave did not monitor Target's network, nor did Trustwave process cardholder data for Target."