AVG Expands Functionality of Security Suites

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AVG has announced the addition of active "Do Not Track" technology to its security products.

"The technology -- available as a free service pack to AVG's free and paid-for consumer security software packages -- will enable users to actively block some advertising networks from sharing data and therefore goes beyond the Do Not Track header, which is passive and based on voluntary cooperation by advertising networks and websites," writes The Register's John Leyden.

"AVG's active 'Do Not Track' technology allows users to block tracking requests from their PCs, irrespective of whether or not an advertising network supports privacy requests," Leyden writes. "Yuval Ben-Itzhak, CTO at AVG, explained that the technology will block tracking cookies or information in URLs, among other tracking techniques."

Go to "AVG nukes stalking ads at press of BIG SHINY BUTTON" to read the details.

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