Average Enterprise Sees 10,000 Security Events a Day

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According to Damballa's Q1 2014 State of Infections Report, the devices in an average company's network generate an aggregate average of 10,000 security events per day (h/t Infosecurity).

The most active, according to the report, see around 150,000 events per day. "No enterprise security team could possibly correlate evidence for 150,000 events daily to find true infections," the report notes. "Manually piecing together disparate data facts is a painstaking, labor-intensive process."

The report also states that large, globally-dispersed enterprises average 97 active infected devices each day, and are leaking an aggregate average of more than 10 GB of data per day.

"We are already facing a profound scarcity of skilled security professionals, which the latest Frost & Sullivan figures estimate will equate to a 47 percent shortfall by 2017," Damballa CTO Brian Foster said in a statement. "If we compound this fact with the increase in data breaches and the scope of work required to identify a genuine infection from the deluge of security events hitting businesses every day, we can see why security staff are struggling to cope."