Avast Updates Free Anti-Virus Software

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Avast recently released version 7 of its Free Antivirus solution.

"Version 7 has a new remote assistance feature that allows Avast users to help other people who also use the program solve technical or malware-related issues by temporarily taking control of their computers," writes CSO Online's Lucian Constantin. "The remote assistance sessions are routed through Avast's servers in order to ensure their security and can only be initiated by the users whose computers will be controlled."

"Another new feature in Avast Free Antivirus 7 is a cloud-based file reputation system called FileRep, which alerts users about suspicious browser downloads and integrates with Avast's AutoSandbox mechanism," Constantin writes.

Go to "Avast Free Antivirus 7 Adds Cloud Updates, File Reputation and Remote Assistance" to read the details.

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