AT&T Services Disrupted by DDoS Attack

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A DDoS attack on AT&T's DNS servers earlier this week caused service disruptions to some of the company's business customers.

"On Wednesday morning, West Coast time, 16th August, AT&T was hit by a DDoS attack against two of its DNS locations from an unknown source," Infosecurity reports. "The company has so far given little details on the attack, merely acknowledging it on a service status page. 'Due to a distributed denial of service attack attempting to flood our Domain Name System servers in two locations,' it said, 'some AT&T business customers are experiencing intermittent disruptions in service. Restoration efforts are underway and we apologize for any inconvenience to our customers. Our highest level of technical support personnel have been engaged and are working to mitigate the issue.'"

"Wednesday's attack appears to have affected customers in the BellSouth region of AT&T's network, [Xerocole CTO Rob] Fleischman said," writes FierceTelecom's Samantha Bookman. "The attack, which likely flooded the network between the region's DNS servers and the outside Internet with massive amounts of traffic, kept legitimate visitors from reaching websites on the network, causing plenty of headaches and frustration for businesses and their customers online."

"DNS is responsible for converting human-friendly domain names into the numeric IP (Internet protocol) addresses that computers use to route data," writes Techworld's Martyn Williams. "When it fails, computers are unable to route data to its intended destination, even though the destination server remains online and accessible."