Apple Hacked

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According to Reuters' Jim Finkle and Joseph Menn, Apple was recently hit by hackers who managed to infect employees' computers, though the company says there's no evidence that any data was stolen.

"Unknown hackers infected the computers of some Apple workers when they visited a website for software developers that had been infected with malicious software," Finkle and Menn write. "The malware had been designed to attack Mac computers. The same software, which infected Macs by exploiting a flaw in a version of Oracle Corp's Java software used as a plug-in on Web browsers, was used to launch attacks against Facebook, which the social network disclosed on Friday."

"But assuming the exploit is indeed the same one used at Facebook, the attackers may not be able to get to many Mac users in the first place," writes Ars Technica's Jacqui Cheng. "Following last year's Flashback malware scare, many Mac users disabled or uninstalled Java on their machines. Apple has also removed the Java plugin from all Mac-compatible Web browsers and blacklisted Java browser plugins on OS X twice this year already in order to prevent critical exploits."

"For Apple, the attack represents not just a corporate security issue but a rare confirmation that its consumer products are vulnerable to hacker attacks," writes Forbes' Andy Greenberg. "Though Apple computers are rarely [hit] with the same widespread malware infections as Windows machines, evidence from the last year shows that Apple users -- particularly human rights organizations -- have been increasingly hit with targeted malicious software."