AnchorFree Adds Malware Protection to HotSpot Shield

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AnchorFree recently announced the addition of new functionality to its HotSpot Shield solution.

"The update adds a malware site guard to the VPN client without requiring you to download a new version of the program because the changes have all been made on the server, not on your computer," writes CNET News' Seth Rosenblatt.

"For people who use the free, ad-supported version of HotSpot Shield, the new guard will block malware sites," Rosenblatt writes. "If you upgrade to the ad-free and bandwidth-prioritized Elite version, you will also receive protection against three additional types of passive Web threats. These include otherwise safe sites that have been infected by third-party malware, phishing sites, and sites that promulgate spam."

Go to "HotSpot Shield strengthens VPN with anti-malware wall" to read the details.

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