Alleged Kelihos Botnet Creator Proclaims Innocence

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Andrey Sabelnikov, who was recently accused by Microsoft of being the developer of the Kelihos botnet, claims he's inncocent.

"In a statement, Sabelnikov said: 'I am a programmer with nine years' experience, graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation in 2003, [and have worked] in the highly respected Russian and international IT companies. I did not commit this crime, have never participated in the management of botnets or any other similar programs, and especially not extracted from it any benefit,'" writes SC Magazine's Dan Raywood.

"He added: 'I want to emphasise that I do not have any relation to... Kelihos and spam. Unfortunately, an avalanche of press coverage... unwittingly caused the companies in which I worked and [me] personally a huge moral hazard and impact on business reputation,'" Raywood writes.

Go to "Accused Kelihos botnet controller protests his innocence" to read the details.

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