AlgoSec 6.11 Ties Enterprise Security to Business Processes

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AlgoSec, a Ridgefield Park, NJ IT security policy management firm, released version 6.11 of its self-named platform this week, offering businesses improved security visibility into their critical software.

New in the latest release is a feature that automatically maps firewall appliances to their associated business application. This enables businesses to inspect every firewall rule in context with the protection it is purported to offer a business application.

"The firewall mapping feature works by associating firewall rules with their respective business applications, providing a detailed, documented inventory of all the applications and connectivity each rule supports," explained Avishai Wool, co-founder and CTO of AlgoSec. "So now, when assessing the validity of a rule, an administrator doesn’t just rely only on whether the rule has been used within a specific timeframe; he or she can immediately see whether or not the rule supports a business application."

The act of verifying a firewall rule's effectiveness offers IT teams some benefits, added Wool.

"This helps eliminate the potential risks of firewall rule removal and simplifies the decluttering process. The actual clean-up and decommissioning can then be automatically processed through AlgoSec's zero-touch security policy change management," Wool said.

Simplifying the process of evaluating firewall rules, and implementing changes if necessary, AlgoSec offers zero-touch security policy change management features.

"By providing firewall administrators with one click access to an inventory of every application supported by individual rules they are able to accurately assess if a rule is truly 'unused,' or whether the lack of current activity is due to factors such as seasonal differences in traffic," Wool said. "Equally, when planning to modify, add or remove rules to support a change request, the administrator can quickly identify the relevant application owners and work with them to assess the impact the planned changes could have on the application and on the business."

Also new is an integration with the Tenable SecurityCenter and Nessus Manager vulnerability scanning products that generates a security risk rating for each business application, allowing IT security teams to prioritize their cybersecurity efforts. AlgoSec 6.11 also features a new dashboard that provides continual monitoring of IT-based business processes for compliance violations, network connectivity issues and other risks.

Finally, the AlgoSec appliance now includes cryptographic modules that are FIPS 140-2 (Federal Information Processing Standard Publication 140) compliant, broadening the products reach into organizations that adhere to the stringent encryption standard.