87 Percent of Small Business Employees Worry About Identity Theft at Work

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A recent survey of 1,119 people who work in organizations with between two and 99 employees found that 87 percent of respondents say they feel at risk of becoming the victim of identity theft or another online crime while using work computer systems and devices -- that includes 6 percent who see "a great deal" of risk and 37 percent of see "some" risk.

The survey, funded by GFI Software and conducted by the GfK Group, also found that among employees of small businesses that have IT support on staff or on contract, only 53 percent say their company has documented policies in place governing the use of company-owned devices and/or computers in the workplace.

More strikingly, among those that do have document policies in place, 24 percent of respondents admit to having violated those policies.

"[O]ur research has confirmed that smaller organizations are not as successful as their large competitors at proactively providing the reassurances and tools necessary to ensure employees feel safeguarded from all the electronic threats that a modern, Internet-centric workplace poses," GFI head of global product management Sergio Galindo said in a statement.

The survey also found that almost all respondents with employer-owned mobile devices say they use them for things not related to work, 37 percent say they visit Facebook at least daily, 43 percent have connected to their work networks remotely using a mobile device -- and 7 percent say they've lost a mobile device that contained company data.