28 Percent of Employees Have Accessed Data That Isn't Relevant to Their Job

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A recent BeyondTrust survey of 265 IT decision makers found that fully 28 percent of respondents admitted to having retrieved information not relevant to their job, such as financial reports, salary information, and human resources and personnel documents.

While 65 percent of respondents say their organizations have controls in place to monitor privileged access, 54 percent of those respondents say they have the ability to circumvent those controls.

The survey also found that 44 percent of respondents have access rights that aren't necessary for their current jobs, 80 percent believe that it's at least somewhat likely that employees access sensitive or confidential data out of curiosity, and 76 percent say the risk to their organization caused by the insecurity of privileged users will increase over the next few years.

"Allowing any employee unfettered access to non-essential company data is both unnecessary and dangerous and should be an issue that is resolved quickly," BeyondTrust executive vice president of product strategy Brad Hibbert said in a statement.