Verizon Launches Mobile Security for Android

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Verizon Wireless recently introduced Verizon Mobile Security, an app designed to help consumers secure and protect their Android smartphones.

"Verizon's splitting the Mobile Security utility into three different setups, including a free-of-charge Basic, the Premium for $2 per month and, for those who want to be extra careful, a Premium with Total Equipment Coverage that adds a $1 monthly charge to the current TEC fees," writes Engadget's Edgar Alvarez.

"The free Basic plan gives you McAfee's antivirus and web protection (via McAfee SiteAdvisor)," writes PCMag.com's Sara Yin. "These features are also part of McAfee's own mobile security suite, which ranked in the top tier of AV-Test's mobile security test. A Premium subscription, for $1.99/month, adds McAfee App Alert -- an app permissions advisor -- and recovery features from Asurion. If a user loses his device, he can perform a few mitigating commands by logging into a web-based console to remotely geolocate, blast an alarm, lock, and wipe data from the device."

"Verizon Mobile Security can be downloaded from the Verizon Channel in Google Play on more than 30 Android smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S III and DROID RAZR M by Motorola," writes Tom's Guide's Kevin Parrish. "Like with all other Verizon services, the Verizon Mobile Security Premium subscription will appear on the customer's monthly statement."

"According to a report by McAfee that came out earlier this month, 13,000 types of mobile malware have been uncovered this year, which is leaps and bounds more than the 2,000 discovered in 2011," writes CNET News' Dara Kerr.