Symantec Warns of New Android Trojan

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Symantec researchers have found a new piece of Android malware designed to take advantage of concerns about Carrier IQ's smartphone tracking software.

"'Android.Qicsomos is a modified version of an open source project meant to detect Carrier IQ on a device, with additional code to dial a premium SMS number,' said Symantec malware analyst Irfan Asrar in a blog post on Tuesday," writes Computerworld's Lucian Constantin.

"Upon installation, the rogue software displays a window that contains some information about the device and claims that the Carrier IQ rootkit was not found," Constantin writes. "Users are then presented with a button to uninstall the app. However, when this button is pressed, the Trojan sends an unauthorized SMS message to a premium-rate number registered by the malware's creators, earning them money in the process."

Go to "Carrier IQ detection tool converted to premium SMS Trojan" to read the details.

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