Sophos Updates Android Security App

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Sophos recently announced the availability of the newest version of its free Sophos Mobile Security app for Android devices.

"In the latest version, Sophos has added extra features including the ability to schedule scans against the latest malware data from the cloud, meaning that users can consistently monitor their devices for the latest malware," writes Sophos' Anna Brading. "The updated app also includes the ability to programme pre-selected contacts who, if your phone is lost or stolen, can send certain commands to the phone to sound a loud ringtone, leave a text message on the phone for whoever finds it, or remotely wipe all the information on the device."

"While mobile malware remains in its infancy, Android has proven by far to be the most popular target for malware writers looking to infect handsets," writes V3.co.uk's Shaun Nichols. "Samples ranging from relatively simple premium number dialers to more sophisticated attacks such as data-harvesting malware have spread as attackers take advantage of the increasingly popular Android platform and the loser controls for application development and distribution the platform offers."

"It's been a tough week for Sophos," notes IT Business' Christine Wong. "The company is still working through a backlog of customer complaints and queries after one of its anti-virus updates falsely detected ... malware on Windows-based computers. The company has issued a mea culpa to its customers and partners for the gaffe, saying it has never experienced an incident of such magnitude in its 25-year history."