Smart Cover Security Flaw Found in iPad 2

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According to 9to5mac, a vulnerability in the the iPad 2's locking functionality could provide anyone with access to data and apps on a locked device.

"By holding down the device’s power button to trigger the 'turn off' slider feature, then closing and opening the Smart Cover and clicking Cancel at the bottom of the screen, 9to5mac found that it is possible to circumvent the iPad's lock feature," writes Threatpost's Christopher Brook.

"The hack doesn't give an attacker unfettered access to the iPad," Brook writes. "Instead, they are limited to applications that were opened and running at the time the iPad was locked, as well as to the iPad's desktop and multitasking menu. If an application like Mail or Messages were left open, some of the user’s sensitive information could be at stake, the article warns."

Go to "iPad 2 Smart Cover Trick Can Crack Locked Device" to read the details.

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