RIM Blocks 106 Weak Passwords

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According to RapidBerry, the BlackBerry 10 OS blocks a list of 106 insecure BlackBerry ID passwords, including "123456," "changeme," and "blackberry."

"RIM spokeswoman Krista Seggewiss verified the list but said it is on all current BlackBerry phones, not just the new BlackBerry 10 version being released next month," Metro News reports. "The list covers 'common words' that would be easy to figure out, she said, and includes 'canada,' 'internet,' 'password' and most of the characters from A.A. Milne’s 'World of Pooh.'"

"Banning easy-to-guess passwords like 123456 might be good for users, but RIM’s list is so arbitrary that it borders on comical," notes Wired's Robert McMillan. "For example, hockey, soccer, baseball and football are all banned words. But golf, tennis, and polo are all fine. It looks an awful lot like Canadian sports elitism."

"Password use, while not the bastion of security it once was, is especially unhelpful when users put zero effort into coming up with a secure password," writes Ars Technica's Casey Johnston. "RIM is therefore putting its foot down with those people, perhaps because the company, which stakes much of its dwindling reputation on security, is tired of being undermined by users who can’t be bothered to type something more complicated than 'asdfgh' to login forms."

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