Researchers Uncover Largest-Ever Android Botnet

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Malicious apps found in third party Android markets have created a botnet that already contains more than 100,000 compromised devices.

"Researchers from North Carolina State University and Symantec say the malware, dubbed RootStrap (NC State) installs a known remote access trojan (RAT) named BMaster (Symantec)," writes Threatpost's Paul Roberts. "It is capable of stealing a wide range of information from infected Android devices running versions earlier than 2.3.3 and 3.0, and may be ginning up illicit profits with premium SMS and telephony scams, according to the report from NC State and Symantec."

"The Android botnet is mostly confined to China and is the largest such mobile botnet documented to date," Roberts writes.

Go to "Researchers Discover Android Mobile Botnet 100k Strong" to read the details.

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