Nuance Intros Voice Biometrics for Mobile Devices

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Nuance recently announced a new voice biometrics solution called Dragon ID that enables users to unlock mobile devices using their voice.

"While typical phone unlocking programs require tapping in a short code or tracing a pattern on screen, Nuance’s technology uses two layers of security: biometrics, which recognizes your unique 'voice imprint,' and a password or pass phrase -- which in this case is spoken not typed, said Kenneth Harper, Senior Product Manager, Nuance," writes GigaOM's Kevin Fitchard. "Nuance has been selling the technology for years to businesses and governments for use in their own biometric security systems -- with 20 million voice prints on file -- but this is the first time it’s offering up its technology to consumer phones and tablets."

"On top of that, it does a lot of the things you’d expect, like help you schedule meetings, make phone calls and send emails," writes Gizmodo's Leslie Horn. "It works in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. All you have to do is say 'Hello Dragon' in the language you want to use, and it understands you automatically and unlocks the phone. The only thing is we can’t actually test these cool features yet. Nuance isn’t selling it through the iTunes App Store or Google Play, rather it’s marketing it to OEMs who would presumably have it preloaded into future devices. So while Nuance is making the official announcement today, we don’t actually know when Dragon ID will be implemented."

"Consumer devices and the experiences they deliver are incredibly personal – and with that comes a need for greater security," Nuance Mobile executive vice president and general manager Michael Thompson said in a statement. "Nuance’s innovative Dragon ID further humanizes the mobile experience, leveraging a person’s unique voice to secure and access their device, and keeping the content they rely on each day private and personal."