NQ Mobile Warns of Bill Shocker Android Malware

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Researchers at NQ Mobile recently came across new Android malware called Bill Shocker, which has already impacted more than 600,000 users in China. NQ says the malware, which is being distributed through infected versions of popular mobile apps being offered in third-party online app stores, poses a potential threat to Android users worldwide.

"Bill Shocker malware silently downloads itself in the background of your mobile device without your knowledge," the researchers explained in a blog post. "It takes remote control of the device, including your contact list, Internet connections, dialing and texting functions. Once it’s turned your phone into a 'zombie,' it sends text messages that create financial gains for advertisers. In many cases, the threat will overrun a user’s bundling quota, which subjects you to even more unwanted charges."

"Bill Shocker was discovered by NQ’s RiskRanker, an analysis system that detects dangerous behavior in apps," Infosecurity reports. "It shows that the malware is capable of upgrading itself and expanding to other apps -- which is what makes its potential spread from China to the rest of the world more worrying."