New Android Trojan Launches DDoS Attacks

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Researchers at Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web recently came across new Android malware, Android.DDoS.1.origin, which is designed to launch DDoS attacks and send SMS messages.

"Android.DDoS.1.origin creates an application icon similar to that of Google Play," writes TechEye's Nick Farrell. "If the user decides to use the fake icon to access Google Play, the application will be launched. This means that users will not even be aware that they have been infected."

"When launched, the Trojan tries to connect to a remote server and, if successful, it transmits the phone number of the compromised device to criminals and then waits for further SMS commands," Doctor Web reports. "Supported directives include attack a specified server and send SMS."

"When it receives a DDoS attack command, the malware starts to send data packets to the specified address. ... When it receives a command to send an SMS, it immediately spams the recipient," writes The Next Web's Emil Protalinski. "The infected device can hurt its victims not just by significantly reduced performance, but by unexpected charges for accessing the Internet and sending text messages."

"Doctor Web goes on to say that the app can cause the phone to perform poorly, and can actually run up the owner’s bill by texting premium numbers," notes VentureBeat's Meghan Kelly.