Motorola Acknowledges Xoom Tablet Privacy Lapse

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Motorola has admitted that it shipped over 100 refurbished Xoom tablets without removing the previous owners' data from the devices.

"The affected devices form part of a batch of 6,200 tablets that were resold by Woot.com between October and December last year," writes TG Daily's Kate Taylor. "And the data looks likely to include user names and passwords for email and social media accounts, as well as other password-protected sites and applications."

"Anyone who bought and then returned a Xoom tablet to Amazon.com, Best Buy, BJ’s Wholesale, eBay, Office Max, Radio Shack, Sam’s Club, or Staples and a few other independent retailers between March and October 2011 will now get a free two-year membership of Experian’s ProtectMyID Alert," Taylor writes.

Go to "Refurbished Xoom tablets sold with previous users' data" to read the details.

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