McAfee: Mobile Malware Up, Spam Down

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According to McAfee's latest Threats Report [PDF file], while both spam and malware volumes slowed in the fourth quarter of last year, mobile malware grew significantly.

"Although the release of new malware slowed in Q4 2011, mobile malware continued to increase, albeit from a low base," writes The Register's John Leyden. "Android was by far the most targeted platform with 400 new strains appearing in just that quarter, compared to a cumulative total of little over 100 prior to the last three months of 2011."

"Global spam reached its lowest point in years at the end of last year, according to McAfee," Leyden writes. "Somewhere around 1 trillion spam messages were dispatched per day in December 2011, compared to 2 trillion in May 2011."

Go to "Spam crashes to historic low as malware explodes on mobiles" to read the details.

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