Lookout Warns of Surge in Android Malware

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According to Lookout, the number of malicious Android apps identified in less than six months has doubled to 1,000.

"The vast majority of those dubious apps are found on third-party app stores and alternatives to the official Android Market, the company said," writes CNET News' Elinor Mills.

"'2011 has seen the emergence of a credible field of Android malware with a 4 percent yearly likelihood of an Android user encountering malware, which was a significant increase compared to the beginning of the year. In the beginning of 2011 we measured a 1 percent yearly likelihood,' Lookout says in its report, titled 'Malwarenomics: 2012 Mobile Malware Predictions,'" Mills writes.

Go to "Malicious Android apps double in six months" to read the details.

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