Lookout Updates Android Security App


Lookout Inc. today introduced the newest version of Lookout Mobile Security for Android, which adds several new features.

"Key among the details this time around is a new feature called Signal Flare which helps you to locate a missing or stolen phone even in the case when the battery is dying," writes AndroidGuys' Scott Webster. "In a nutshell, the app will automatically flag the location of a protected phone once it gets low."

"The feature is opt-in only, as it does track your GPS," writes VentureBeat's Meghan Kelly. "It will send you the 'signal flares' in an email, so that it doesn’t bother you if your phone simply dies in your pocket."

"Additionally, the app includes a safe dialer protection against dialer based security attacks, which Lookout says are a new category of mobile threat," writes TechCrunch's Leena Rao. "The new feature scans every [phone] number you click to call, alerting you if dialing the number could have unintended consequences, including wiping your phone without your permission."

"The new security app also comes with a 'Stay in the Know' feature, which alerts users when the app is running, placing a small Lookout icon on the top left of the smartphone's display," writes V3.co.uk's Alastair Stevenson. "When pulled down the icon alerts the user to the status of the smartphone, giving them an 'everything's ok' message when no action is needed."

"The mobile landscape has changed dramatically since we launched in 2007. Everything has evolved, from what we do on our phones to the threats that face them," Lookout CTO and co-founder Kevin Mahaffey said in a statement. "With the redesign of Lookout Mobile Security, we wanted to solve the problems facing people on mobile today and also stay ahead of the threats of tomorrow. We want people to feel empowered to do whatever on their mobile devices whenever -- so as new services and capabilities come out, people can feel safe."