Lookout Enhances iOS Security App

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Lookout today announced the addition of Signal Flare functionality to its iPhone app -- the feature was added to Lookout Mobile Security for Android a few weeks ago.

"We created Signal Flare after learning that 30 percent of people say they could not recover their lost or stolen phone because of a dead battery," Lookout's David Richardson wrote in a blog post. "Anyone with a smartphone recognizes the red low battery notifcation indicating the eminent death of your battery. Signal Flare is the first and only way to help find your iPhone with a dead battery."

"The app ... sends an email to the device owner with the location of the phone when it died," writes VentureBeat's Meghan Kelly. "Signal Flare, of course, can’t account for phones in motion, but it at least provides two definitive pieces of information: it died, and it died here."

"Lookout's iOS security product does include the usual features to find a lost or stolen phone, including the ability to make it 'scream' even if you've switched the ringer off," writes PCMag.com's Neil J. Rubenking. "If you've neglected to install important iOS updates it will warn you. It also warns if you've jailbroken your device, or if you're connecting to an unsecured WiFi hotspot. Lookout automatically backs up your contacts, allowing you to view them online or restore them to the same phone or a new phone. In addition to Signal Flare, the updated Lookout app includes optimizations for iOS 6 and iPhone 5."