Lookout, Deutsche Telekom Partner on Mobile Device Security

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Lookout Mobile Security and Deutsche Telekom recently announced a partnership under which the two companies will collaborate on research and development, and Lookout's mobile security app will be made available to Deutsche Telekom's European users.

"Lookout told us that there will be several options -- some features will be bundled on to handsets, while others are available for users to download themselves," writes TechRadar's Kate Solomon. "As well as giving customers the Lookout Mobile Security app and other optional features, the two companies will be working on research and development from a new facility in Berlin."

"The mobile environment is increasingly led by downloadable mobile applications, often with people customizing their devices with mobile applications from different sources," Heikki Makijarvi, Deutsche Telekom's senior vice president, business development, said in a statement. "This drives the importance of security and health on mobile. Lookout's experience in developing leading-edge security applications for this new dynamic environment makes them the ideal partner for Telekom in this critical new category of device solution."

"Lookout’s Mobile Security app allows users to track their phones if they’re lost or stolen, and manage their device via the mylookout.com portal," writes SlashGear's Ben Kersey. "You can then remotely lock the device, or send messages in the hope that someone will read them. In the worst should occur and there’s no chance of getting the phone back, then you have the option of remotely wiping the device so no personal or sensitive information falls into the wrong hands."

"Malicious applications, infected advertisements, phones becoming botnets, SMS fraud, and a number of other types of attacks have been identified in the last year alone," notes VentureBeat's Meghan Kelly. "Indeed, Lookout says in 2011 it identified over 1,000 of these threats. Other issues, such as lost devices that carry sensitive information, are also on top of mind."