Lookout Announces Updates to Android Security App

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Lookout recently added two new features to its security app for Android smartphones.

"The new Lock Cam feature notifies you if anyone tries to access your device, whether it has been stolen or someone is simply trying to snoop on your phone behind your back," writes PCMag.com's Angela Moscaritolo. "Lock Cam uses the front-facing camera on your device to silently take a photo of anyone who enters the wrong password three times into your lock screen."

"In a few minutes, you receive a 'We detected someone trying to unlock your device' e-mail with the crook's mug and the location where the picture was taken," writes USA Today's Edward C. Baig. "I'm no lawyer but that seems to be pretty decent evidence to bring to the authorities."

"As well as the camera feature, Lookout said the software update has an additional feature for Premium users that allows them to add a customised message to the Lookout Lock Screen," writes The Inquirer's Lee Bell. "If your phone is lost, you can help whomever finds it return it by displaying a plea for help on the home screen, including a contact number and address."

"It's the second major update to the Lookout app in the last few months," notes Tech Digest's Gerald Lynch. "The security app was completely overhauled back in October, bringing with it a new design, protection against click-to-call threats and the ability to track down a missing phone's last known location right up until the point where its battery died."