Kaspersky Warns of Rogue Anti-Virus for Android Devices

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According to Kaspersky Lab researcher Denis Maslennikov, scammers have begun targeting Android users with fake anti-virus offerings.

"Writing on the Securelist blog, Maslennikov says that Web searches for popular mobile applications, such as the mobile version of the opera Web browser, have turned up scam Web sites offering 'free' virus scans of mobile devices, including Android," writes Threatpost's Paul Roberts.

"A scan of the device returns hard-coded 'positive' results and encourages the mobile device user to 'activate' security protections on their device by clicking on a link in the scan results," Roberts writes. "Clicking that link downloads and installs a malicious application that Kaspersky detects as Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.Scavir for Android."

Go to "Fake Antivirus Scams Targeting Android Users" to read the details.

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