Kaspersky Updates Mobile Security App for Android

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Kaspersky Lab recently announced an update to its Kaspersky Mobile Security app for Android smartphones.

"A new web-based control center for the app will also allow users to activate 'Mugshot,' a feature that takes control of the phone’s forward-facing camera and takes pictures of whatever is in front of it," writes The Inquisitr's Dusten Carlson. "Photos are taken secretly, so don’t worry about a big 'GOTCHA!' flash blowing your cover, causing the potential thief to drop the Android down a sewer drain where you’ll never find it."

"If your phone is stolen, then those photos might potentially show you the thief," writes Mashable's Emily Price. "If you’ve just misplaced your smartphone, then a photo may help you remember where you left it."

"In addition, the revamped Kaspersky Mobile Security comes complete with a new Web-based control center, which gives users the ability to control Kaspersky Lab security features on their Android smartphone," writes Channelnomics' Stefanie Hoffman. "The control console’s interface, which can be managed from any computer, comes with a slew of features that give users the ability to protect scads of sensitive data housed in their devices. For starters, the control console allows users to remotely lock lost or stolen smartphones to secure private data, as well as remotely wipe sensitive information to prevent unauthorized access."

"In this update we’ve paid specific attention to anti-theft features," Victor Dronov, head of Kaspersky Lab's mobile products devision, said in a statement. "We know that consumers often lose important data when their smartphone is lost or stolen. According to a recent survey, 14 percent of users have experienced an incident of this kind. The new version of Kaspersky Mobile Security adds additional functionality in order to increase the chances of recovering a lost or stolen device."

"Kaspersky Mobile Security supports versions OS 2.2-4.x on the Android operating system," writes CRN's Ken Presti. "A one year license is available for $19.95 at the Kaspersky Lab e-store, on Google Play and also through channel partners."