iPad 2, iPhone 4S Hacked

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Members of the Chronic Dev Team recently released a new jailbreak for Apple's iPhone 4S and iPad 2, both of which contain a dual-core A5 chip.

"Some iOS jailbreaks have been released less than a day after Apple pushed an operating system update," writes InformationWeek's Mathew J. Schwartz. "But finding a way to jailbreak the A5 chip took approximately 10 months."

"'The endless war we fight to jailbreak has become more and more difficult with each new device released, and our recent battle against A5 only proved this further,' said Joshua Hill, aka p0sixninja, who was one of the principle iPhone hackers involved," Schwartz writes.

Go to "Hackers Jailbreak iPad 2, iPhone 4S" to read the details.

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