Google Issues Refunds for Fake Anti-Virus App

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Google recently began issuing refunds to the more than 30,000 customers who had purchased a fake anti-virus app called "Virus Shield" that had been offered for sale on Google Play despite the fact that it did absolutely nothing (h/t Sophos).

"This app made the false claim that it provided one-click virus protection; in reality, it did not," the company wrote in an e-mail to purchasers. "Google Play's policies strictly prohibit false claims like these, and in light of this, we're refunding you for your 'Virus Shield' purchase."

In addition to refunding the $3.99 purchase price, the company is offering all affected customers a $5.00 Google Play Store credit.

Jesse Carter, who runs "Virus Shield" developer Deviant Solutions, told the Guardian that the app had been uploaded by mistake. "It was an early placeholder than our UI designer created," he said. "There was a mix-up between the version that contained the anti-virus code for our app."