Bitdefender Relauches Clueful App as Online iOS Privacy Guide

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Following Apple's removal of the $3.99 Clueful app for iOS from the App Store, Bitdefender has made it available for free as a standalone Web site.

"Apple screens apps for bad behavior before they hit the App Store, but Clueful tells users what the apps they have downloaded on their iOS devices are doing with their data, such as whether the apps track location, read address books, access calendars, drain the battery and track usage through analytics networks, among other things," writes CNET News' Elinor Mills.

"The iPhone version of the app was taken down from Apple’s app store in June after it was initially approved," writes SC Magazine's Darren Pauli. "The Cupertino giant refused to discuss the move and gagged developer BitDefender under a non-disclosure agreement from doing the same."

"Clueful has relaunched … but not on iOS," writes TechCrunch's Anthony Ha. "Instead, it’s now a website where users can search for different apps and get basic facts like which ones are accessing your location, tracking your in-app usage, and reading your address book. For example, one of the apps that I use the most on my iPhone is Routesy, so I can look it up on the Clueful sit and see that it can display ads and track my location, while also encrypting my data."

"The iPhone is the most personal of your personal devices, storing large amounts of private information that app developers would love to access," Bitdefender chief security researcher Catalin Cosoi said in a statement. "We feel Clueful is one of the most useful and valuable tools available to consumers and are excited to relaunch it."