AV-Test Warns of Flaws in Android Security Apps

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According to a new report from AV-Test, the majority of Android security apps fail to protect users from mobile malware.

"In a preview of the study e-mailed yesterday, AV-Test's CEO Andreas Marx revealed that desktop antivirus vendors that have migrated to Android performed the best," writes CNET News' Seth Rosenblatt. "Avast, Lookout, Dr. Web, Zoner, F-Secure, Ikarus, and Kaspersky detected 90 percent or more of the 618 types of malicious Android APK files that they were tested against. Lookout and Zoner are notable standouts because they are only available as mobile apps, and have no PC-based counterpart."

"Overall, less than half of the 41 apps tested during February were found worthy; only 17 made the cut above 65 percent," Rosenblatt writes.

Go to "Don't get faked by Android antivirus apps" to read the details.

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