Valley View Hospital Hacked

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Colorado's Valley View Hospital recently announced that a computer virus found on some of its computers in January of 2014 may have exposed 5,400 hospital patients' personal information. (h/t Becker's Hospital CIO).

"Analysis by an information technology forensic team indicated a sophisticated virus that collected and encrypted information into a hidden system file," the hospital said in a statement [PDF]. "While there is no evidence that the encrypted data was accessed by or transmitted to an outside facility, VVH has taken immediate steps to address the incident. These steps include notification and protection services and programs for those potentially affected. VVH has also announced upgraded security capabilities to reduced future risks of invasive computer viruses."

According to the hospital, the information potentially exposed varies for each affected individual but could include names, addresses, birthdates, admission dates, discharge dates and patient visit numbers.

"We apologize for any incovenience or concern that this may cause our patients, employees and their families," Gary Brewer, chief executive officer of the Valley View Hospital Association, said in a statement [PDF]. "We take our responsibility to protect patient information very seriously. We have responded to this situation as quickly and comprehensively as possible, and we continue to monitor progress as we take steps to inform and support those potentially affected by this incident."

All those affected are being offered free access to identity and credit protection services. Patients with questions are advised to contact (888) 236-0444.